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Custom Baybayin translation & artwork: This includes consultation, artwork, and translation starting at only $29.99 (USD) via Paypal or Google Checkout. I’ll send you a graphic file within about 72 hours (large/complicated custom orders will take a bit longer). You can print it and take it to your local tattoo artist. As you can see below, I specialize in the brush style. 

My 1st exposure to Baybayin was in 1992 during my junior year in high school in the US. I remember finding an old pamphlet about the Katipunan and the revolution. In it, there were photos of all the revolution flags. It tripped me out that we had a KKK flag (during that time I was studying Black Nationalism concepts). The 3 symbols that were engraved in my brain were 1) The black pirate looking flag with a skull, 2) The sun with 8 rays and 3) A strange looking capital “I”. When I learned that it represented “K” in our very own indigenous writing system, I made it my personal goal to learn how to read and write Baybayin.  In 2009, my 1st book “An Introduction to Baybayin” was published.

I teach Baybayin to hundreds of people every year at my events and run the biggest Baybayin forum in the world consisting of nearly 5K members. In 2011, I will launch my online Baybayin School.
My artwork as been seen at:
Asian Art Museum
Contemporary Jewish Museum
Sonoma State University
Filipino American Arts Exposition
1st Amendment Gallery
Filam Arts
Asian Heritage Festival
Designer Convention
Munky King Gallery
Genuine Artikle Gallery

Featured in publications:
Tayo Magazine

Vallejo Times Herald
Contra Costa times
Philippine News

Asian Journal
CBS 5 News

 Consulted companies:
Know Your Roots
Pinoy Street Team

It's important for me that you understand why Baybayin is important. I don't want you to have something that just looks cool, although it is. You need to understand the context of the script and how it relates to our pre-colonial past.   The purpose a tattoo is to have something original and personal, right? 

I'm currently filming a documentary on the script

Why order from me?
CheckmarkAccurate translations - I don’t depend on an online translator for my work. At my events, I do live on-the-spot translations in front of my clients.
CheckmarkOriginal art - I specialize in the brush style for writing Baybayin. Using this style, it makes each stroke unique.
CheckmarkExclusive typefaces like Baybayin x Old English
CheckmarkFast turnaround - You get the file sent to your email address in about 48-72 hours for up to 5 words. Print it and take it to your local tattoo artist
CheckmarkHonest - I’ll tell you if what your trying to do is wrong or will not work. I’ve turned down clients who wanted me to draw something that didn’t fit the essence of Baybayin.
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156 page ebook of tattoo ideas broken down by category.Contains tips on getting a tattoo along with care instructions Contains tips on getting a tattoo along with care instructions.

Isang Lahi, Isang Diwa, Isang Bansa

It took me a year to finally come up with a new idea for a new tattoo that will "blend" with my 3 stars and a sun. Kristian did a good job on translation/design. SALAMAT! KAPAYAPAAN!!!!
Everyone that has seen it can’t believe how good it looks

I just wanted to say thank you for all the work and time you have put into my piece. Every time I look at it I can’t believe that I have it on my arm.  Everyone that has seen it can’t believe how good it looks. It is probably one of the best tattoos design I have ever seen, and I don’t say that just because it’s on my arm. You are an amazing artist and I am honored to have you as my tattoo artist designer. Maraming Salamat Kristian
I had an idea of the design

Kristian did an awesome job following what I requested. Communication was fast and Igot the design the day I contacted him.The final design is much morethan I imagined in my head. I am so happy with it and I can’t wait tilI get inked.  I will definitely consider him when thinking about my next design. 

$29.99 for up to 2 words

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